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Lightship ™ is a solar lamp white and red light.

Lightship ™ is a solar lamp with 3 suction pads. You can also tie a lanyard for one of its 3 bridges as a pendant. There is no place where you cannot use this practical and durable solar lamp, enjoy your outdoor activities illuminating any space without batteries. White and red emergency light.

Operation: 8 hours of full load provide 8 hours of sunlight 4 white LEDs. Includes waterproof switch 3 potions, 4 WHITE LEDs, 1 LED RED, OFF. Sensor built off daylight.

Construction: Sturdy construction of Tritan ™ plastic, nylon with UV protection that does not yellow or crystallized. Meets IP44 standard.

Solar Panel: Fastsolar ™ 160 mAH sealed epoxy coated solar panel .

Leds: 4 bright white LEDs 0.5 Watt. 1 red LED 0.5 Watt.

Battery: 1800 mAH NiMH AA rechargeable up to 500 cycles . Replaceable.

Specifications: Height 5 cm (2”) , diameter 12.7 (5”) cm, weight 200 grams. (8 ounces)


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