Raillight ™ is a solar LED lamp with 4 fixing system QuickMount ™

Raillight: is a solar lamp outdoor in harsh environments 4 LEDS made UV resistant stainless steel. The RailLight Premium comes with the complete QuickMount system that lets you mount the RailLight virtually anywhere.

Operation:  8 hours of full load provide 8 hours of sunlight. Includes waterproof switch 3 potions, 4 LED, 2 LED, OFF. Sensor built off daylight.

Construction: Sturdy construction of marine stainless steel, nylon and shade with UV protection that does not yellow or crystallized. Complies with IP44

Fixation:  Quickly and easily with Quick Mount ™ system with 3 brackets resistant to UV nylon with 316 stainless steel screws. Fixing to rail up up to 31 m / m (1 ¼”) square beams up to 50 m / m (2”).

 Panel Solar: Fastsolar™ 200 mAH, Panel solar sealing epoxy coated.

Lens: Fresnel design that provides up to 10 times more light, not yellow. Bright 4 LED 0.5 Watt.

Battery: Battery 1800 mAH NiMH AA rechargeable up to 500 cycles. replaceable.

Specs: Height 33 cm (13”), Width 12,7 cm (5”) Weight 300 g (10 ounces)

Packaging: Box de 40*18*20 cm, (16”x7”x8”) Volumetric weight 3 Kg.(100 ounces)



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Raillight Premium™

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