JABSCO AMAZON MANUAL 50 LPM - 38 mm - REF. 29250-0010


Jabsco 29250-0000


Amazon Thrudeck

For mounting through deck or through bulkhead

Readily achievable 50 Litres/min (11 gallons/min) output, 25 mm (1") Hose Barb

  • The ultimate compact through deck pump with no less than 16 port variations relative to the body
  • Loosening just one screw lets you clear blockages or re-position the body anywhere through 360º relative to the handle position
  • Complete with stainless steel handle, mounting clips and provision for safety lanyard
  • Sleekly styled through deck kit and cover, with 4 mounting positions relative to the pump

Repair Kit; Jabsco 29256-1000

Blue Clamp Ring Assembly; Jabsco 29252-1000



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